Cogito B.V. ( ) is a Dutch based company with affiliates in Italy, UK, Easter EU, China.
The company is strongly focused on R&D and Innovation of natural, clean label functional solutions for the food industry, with special reference to the Bakery, Dairy-Desserts, Fresh and Frozen Patisserie, Ice Cream product categories.
Cogito B.V. provides solutions based on :
• Natural, mostly Plant based ingredients, Enzymes, Proteins, Fermentates
• High functionality
• Allergen free
• Free from
• Sustainability
Cogito B.V. solutions deliver functionality in terms of:
• Texture improvement
• Volume stabilization
• Softness and Fresh-keeping
• Shelf life & Microbial control
Typical product categories Cogito B.V. focus on are :
• Bread (white, brown, sourdough based)
• Cakes, Sponge, Croissants, Laminated dough
• Creams, Fruit preps
• Desserts
• Ice cream
Research, Innovation & Application labs : 300 m2 dedicated to NPD and problem solving
The company makes use of facilities which are BRC, IFS, ISO 20022 certified
We have co-operated on the following projects:
Sponge cake – Italy
Middle East – Muffin
North Africa – Plum Cake