NFT has a permanent cooperation with 2 companies, Tonelli Group and Maraschi & Quirici


Tonelli Group ( ): TONELLI GROUP is an Italian  Company, world leader for Food industrial equipment

Since 1948 Tonelli Brand has represented the “top quality” in Mixing Technology, and in addition to this, it is in a position to offer “turnkey projects”  for complete and complex equipment like :

  • Layer Cakes – Swiss and Miniroll, Chiffon Cake
  • Equipment for the different thermal treatments
  • Equipment for margarine and shortening plasticization

And also technical and technological support and assistance to customers for any specific requirement

In Tonelli R&D Laboratory engineers and technologists test and try new equipment and technologies

An example is Combiaerator®, patented new scraper exchanger, suitable both for pasteurized cream and sponge and chiffon dough, but many other different technologies have been studied and finalized in the R&D Laboratory.

Now Tonelli, through the Laboratory, is able to offer a large range of technologies such as:

  • Bakery : sponge cake, cakes, chiffon cake, angel food cake,  biscuits, bread, short pasty, puff and éclares
  • Patisserie : mousse, cooked and pasteurized cream, custard cream, dairy and vegetable creams, topping and “miroir”
  • Chocolate : ganache, chocolate sauces, praline fillings
  • Shortening and margarine plasticisation
  • Sundry products : anhydrous creams, hydrate creams, marshmallow, dulce de leche, jam, jelly, sauces, icing …..

Moreover in R&D Laboratory customers can test their own recipes and with Tonelli’s technical and technological support they can develop new products and processes;

NFT collaborate with Tonelli for R&D Laboratory Management in order to finalize new process and products and customers assistance for the product and process optimization

Furthermore NFT support Tonelli Group for the equipment commissioning